Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kitchen Creativeness

I must admit that I am not one of those women who find it easy or pleasurable to be in the kitchen. Almost everything I cook comes out looking kinda funky. I baked cookies yesterday and burnt a whole batch. I think I forgot to put the timer on (or I just didn't hear it going off over the children's fighting playing). The point is, I am just not a natural born Betty Crocker. That does NOT mean that I don't want to be. I want to be a good cook so that I can feed my family good and sort of healthy food. So to get myself going in the right direction I started looking through my cookbooks. I found one that I had picked out at my grandmother's estate sale about a year ago (I was forced to take one because, I guess, my grandmother had an obsession with cookbooks), it was called Make-A-Mix Cookery by Karine Eliason, Nevada Harward and Madeline Westover. I decided that I like this idea of making my own mixes instead of buying ones from the store that are chalked full of stuff just to give it a longer shelf life. (Why would I eat something that must be tested on lab rats to prove it's safe to eat?) But as I was reading through it, (and found out it was published in the 70's) I found that they recommended hydrogenated oils and I am pretty sure that that is frowned upon now-a-days. So I decided to get an updated version just to be on the safe side.


OXO Good Grips 10-Piece POP Container Set

I am currently waiting for my book to arrive but I am so excited to start making my own mixes that I bought a few containers to place the mixes in! I can't wait to get started with my mixes. I will let you know how it's going and if I am finally enjoying the kitchen in a few months. Stay tuned to see if my kitchen creativeness will be a success or a major fail.

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