Monday, July 25, 2011

All In One Place: Pinterest

I am always seeing things on different blogs and websites that I just can't help but want to do. I occasionally have the time and the supplies but once I get booted of the computer or get busy doing other things around the house I totally forget what the website was and didn't get the chance to bookmark it. 

Not any more!

Pinterest is the place to go to organize all those things together. No matter what site it is on or what it is you can "pin" it to your own boards! 

So far I have 4 boards:

CraftinessYard ArtDIY, and Kids Stuff. I am still adding things daily with the most simplest way ever! The "Pin It" Bookmark! If you sign up you can install it just by dragging the "Pin It" button to your tool bar.

Now whenever I come across something I really want to try on my own or do with the kids I just "pin it" and it goes straight into the board I want! Now I don't have to remember where that sticky note went, or which folder under my bookmarks I placed it in! Plus, there are so many people that already have stuff pinned! So if I need inspiration all I have to do is look under whatever category I want, then re-pin it into my own board! 

I can't wait to get started on all the stuff I want to do! Now if only I can get my craft area organized! Such is life!

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