Saturday, July 30, 2011

Simple, Cheap, & Easy Old Fashioned Fun for Kids

"Mommy! We're bored!" are the cries and whines I heard from my children today. I had to come up with something and quick! Thoughts were racing through my head. 'Should I let them paint, color, or glue and mess up the pristine dining room that I just spend 2 hours cleaning and organizing?' (That's where the kids do arts and crafts.) NO WAY! That room is off limits! At least until tomorrow.  ;)   Should we do something outside? No it's way to hot! OK, well it has to be done inside and we have limited resources. Let's see what we have; string, and the empty cans from the green beans and peaches we with chicken nuggets had for lunch. Brilliant! Tin can phones!' 

All you need is two cans (make sure you use one of those safety can openers so there won't be and ouchies later), a nail, a hammer, and about 5 feet of sting (any longer and it won't work as well). Use the nail and hammer to puncture a hole in the bottom of both cans then simply slip the string though the holes and tie heafty knots on the stings in the inside part of each can. Bada bing, bada boom! You have instant, simple, easy, cheap old fashioned fun for your kids.  

This activity was a little hard for my 4 year old. She kept forgetting to keep the sting tight . But my 8 year old  found it easy to manipulate. So keep it age appropriate  Also, make sure you wield the hammer and nail unless you are supervising older children.

When I was young we made these with styrofoam cups instead of tin cans and I remembered them working really well and I thought the tin cans we made we not very efficient. (Maybe it's just my generation, with our cell phones and instant gratification and all.) So for dinner we ate ramen in a cup! A styrofoam cup! So we tried again.  

Styrofoam doesn't need a hammer and a nail to poke a hole in the bottom. We just used a regular pen to do the trick.  Plus, I thought it was much easier to feed the sting though the hole in the styrofoam rather than the cans. 

After we got it all assembled we tested out our new contraption. And we all agreed that it worked much better than the cans. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the cans we used were more than likely not made of tin?  I am sure there is science behind it but I will have to call my aunt (The Science Junkie) another time. Or you can just go here: How Stuff Works to find out exactly how these neat, boredom saving toys really work.

"Can you hear me now?"

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