Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Make Your Own Play Food

A mother-daughter bonding moment that I will certainly cherish in my memories for the rest of my life.

 Yeah, I did all the work but that little, high pitched "Thank you, mom." will ring in my ears as sweet, sweet bliss, at least until she loses her Nintendo ds again and we spend another 3 hours tearing up the house looking for it.  Talk about a buzz kill!

You will need the following:
Cardstock or Thick paper
Double Sided Tape
Old magazines you are willing to part with

 Have your daughter pick out items that she wants cut out and if she is old enough and knows how let her do the cutting all by herself. Mine is just 4 and would basically of butchered them. But isn't she adorable anyways? Who could stay mad at a face like that?

On to the next step!  Use a pot or pan out of her kitchen as a template for some of the items you find. Draw an outline and then cut out the outline! It should fit inside the pan.

Deliciousness! Next step; put double sided tape onto the backs of your food and place on the cardstock or heavy durable paper.

Last two steps: Get the pages laminated or you can use contact paper or even packing tape to make them even more durable to withstand even the most vigorous of cooks. After lamination, cut out and start the fun!

Hope you enjoyed today's post. I would like to thank my friend Shari B. for this great idea who shared it with me and the story of how her mother made them for her when she was just a little girl and they couldn't afford real, play food. Such a touching story of a mom's love for her children and also a great way show your child you love them. So get started making play food!

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