Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Re-purposed Frame Part 1

This is a project that takes time, plenty of time...in fact it's a two part project, part one being where we redo the frame itself and part two being where we create the art that goes inside the re-purposed frame.

First I started with a blank slate:

I got this wooden picture frame at an antique store. The price on the back said $7.00, the price on front said $3.00, the price I paid was $2.00. What can I say? I am just that good! On the back it says "Hecho en Mexico" and it's real wood which is new and exciting for me, because I haven't redone anything made of real wood yet! It had no glass or backing.  I plan on making my own backing and won't need glass for what I am intending for this piece.

First things first...on this frame there is a cream colored burlap near the inner edge. I didn't want to paint over this so I used some paint tape to cover it up and keep it protected.

ScotchBlue Painter's Tape for Multi-Surfaces 2090-.75A, 3/4 Inches by 60 Yards, 1 Roll

I used an x-acto knife to get the edges perfect.

After I got that burlap all covered up I took sand paper after the frame. It took me 45 min of sanding to get the old finish off. Whew! I need a break!

Now it's time to paint! I used Krylon gloss spray paint, Almond was the name of the color and I gave it two coats.

After drying I took my sand paper and scratched up the glossy finish and made it look rough.

Then I covered with antiquing gloss and wiped away and repeated until I got the look I was going for.

After you let it dry for a good 24 hours spray with clear, protective finish to keep it looking fabulous for years to come!

Let the finish dry for at least 12 hours.  And don't for get to take off the blue painting tape after it's fully dry.

The finished product:

And that is the first part of the Re-purposed Frame Part 1, keep a look out for the next half of the frame where I do the artsy part that goes inside in Re-purposed Frame Part 2.

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