Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Handmade Hair Bows!

Today, while my little ballerina learned to gracefully twirl about at dance class, the mom's and I made cute little hair bows with some ribbon.  I have never made a hair bow without glue before but now I have learned to wield the needle and thread to make beautiful bows.

It came out so pretty and it matches my ballerina's tap ties I made.  All of us getting together, during the hour long class time, for crafting just kind of flowed out of us having to make the tap ties for our daughters.  We all made tap ties and the next class meeting showed off what we came up with.  There are so many talented mom's in this class.  We were instructed that we could buy the tap ties at a local store here in town but found out that they were expensive!  We also found out they were very simple to make.  We all made our own and they turned out great!  So that lead to talks about hair bows, which lead to making hair bows.  Now we are talking about tutus, which is our next project!  So next week look forward to some tutu pictures! I am so excited!

If you want to make your own hair bows you can find some awesome tutorials online. Here are my favorites:

The Ribbon Retreat
Under the Inkfluence
Slide Show with Random Links
Glorious Treats

That's all for today! Hope you had fun! Now go make some hair bows for your darling little princess! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A New Day!

Today is a new day...
Today is they day I became a seller on Etsy...

My first item up for sale is simple yet ecologically savvy. What is better than buying something you know is helping the world's ecological system? Keeping things out of the dump is really a great way to say "I love you earth".  And now you can say "I love you" to your daughter or any loved one who loves hair bows and the earth at the same time! INGENIOUS!!!! If you buy thrifted, recycled, upcycled, consignment, 2nd hand, or whatever you want to call it, you are personally helping our environment. And I for one thank you for being so kind to this planet we call home.

There is much more to come from me but for now you will just have to wait!