About Me

Hi everyone!

My name is Stephanie.

I love being creative.

I am the usual, (wife, mom, daughter, sister,  friend, etc...) to the most fabulous people! 

These are the people who inspire me. They give me motivation and encourage me to be creative in every aspect of my life.

These three precious rag-a-muffins are my kids. They require most of my time.

That being said; I don't always have the time to get projects done or publish posts daily because frankly I would rather spend my free time with my family and not my computer.  Being a wife and a mom are my top priorities and if I fail them I fail myself.

I am a Christian. I trust in Jesus Christ and his sacrifice to atone for my sins.

I believe man's purpose is to glorify God.

I believe God created man in his own image.

I am able to create because God created me.

I create to glorify God.

What I {love}:

My kids, chocolate, reading, coffee, pink, crochet, shabby chic, sticky notes, friends, margaritas,  garage sales, french country, my bike, vintage, polka dots, pictures, mod-podge, rainy days, antique, york peppermint patties, embellishments, romance, paper, my bike bell,  hand-me downs, covered patios, Victorian, recess peanut butter cups, chevrons, Edwardian, ice cream, baby photos, learning, Steampunk, scrapbooking, fall, long bike rides, glitter, spray paint, thrift stores, shady groves, rocking chairs, thunder storms with dazzling lightning displays, comfy sweaters, my chi straightener, cricut electronic cutter, rick rack, distressed, my gnome (Harry Pottery), vacations, and my family. The list goes on....but for the sake of your sanity and time I won't.  :)

I want to say thanks to my friends and family who have been supportive of my endeavors and adventures in blogging. Without their encouragement I wouldn't be able to continue striving with learning new technical things nor actually doing the projects and posting about them.