Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My new toy!

So my husband's laptop died a few weeks ago and he had to have a new one for school right away. So in order for him to qualify for a credit card at the apple store he had to spend a set amount of money. The laptop alone wasn't going to be enough to open a line of credit so he decided to get me an iPad2! I was so excited! And for Mother's Day he got me an adorable pink case that has a key board attached! All it needs is bluetooth to be used! It's so cool! Although, this is my first time to use it and I am finding it a little hard to manage. The key board is a little different from a regular computer key board so I am having to relearn how to type. It's not all that bad. I love the fact that I can do so many things with it! Between this and my iPhone I should be able to do a lot more blogging! I know that is exactly what you wanted!

I recommend the Apple iPad2 and also this wonderful case! :)