Thursday, October 31, 2013

No Candy Here Sign

Ok so today is Halloween and my son had a brilliant idea! Well, it's not an original idea but still pretty smart! He asked me what we were going to do about all the trick-or-treaters coming to our door while we were all out trick-or-treating our selves. That is a totally legit question. Last year we took down all our decorations and turned off all the lights then went out to do some candy hunting!  But to be honest, I don't want to take down all my decorations! I want to enjoy them a little longer! So my son's brilliant idea? Put a sign up on the door! Brilliant! :)

So I went online this morning looking for signs that were already made...

All the signs seemed mean to me, like as if we weren't participating and hate people who do! I respect other people's choices.  I just wanted people to know that we were participating but couldn't be in two places at once. I didn't want my house to get toilet papered either! (Some people/teenagers out there are mean.) Also, most the signs out there in internet land are all color and I don't want to use all my ink up on a paper that would get thrown away in a few hours! I guess I could laminate it and save it for next year...I'll ponder that after the mass chaos is over! ;)

So I decided to make my own! And guess what? I'm so nice, I'm gonna share it with you!

So here is my sign! I hope you find it useful!

Click Here to Download Sign

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Playing in the Dirt

So I posted about how I started gardening earlier this year and kinda left you all hanging on how it turned out. Sorry about that, please forgive me! Now that I've got the begging for forgiveness out of the way I can tell you how it went! Here is a nice before and after picture of my garden!
Im so happy about how it turned out! I feel as if I learned so much about plants and growing food! If you have been following me on Pinterest then you know exactly how I grew my garden and all my aspirations for the future years to come. If you haven't followed me on Pintrest yet then you should! I find all the best and coolest stuff! I also do my best to post accurate links and comments on fails and successes! 

Any who! Back to my playing in the dirt! 

Photo credit:

I learned the hard way the differences between poison ivy, oak, and sumac. This is important to know especially up here in the north east. Stuff just grows like crazy and you should know how to spot the bad stuff.  Learn from my mistakes! Always wear gardening gloves, always! Wear long sleeves also. I don't care how hot it is outside! Wear them! You will thank me later! When you are done playing I the dirt take off your gloves and clothes and wash them with hot water and plenty of laundry soap. (BTW, I have a post on homemade laundry detergent that I've been using for years! You should check that out too!) after you have removed all your clothes take your now bare body, and a bottle of Dawn dish washing soap (or any type of dishwashing soap like Joy) and take a good shower making sure to lather up with the dishwashing soap. It really does work! This is so important because a whole lot of plants all look the same up here. You might accidentally brush up against one of these evil plants and not even know it. I mean, I did in my own back yard!!! This is so important! 

I also posted about using toilet paper rolls to use as seedling starters in my last gardening post. I just wanted to let you know that I did not like this method. The paper got all moldy in our warm kitchen. It was pretty gross! Right now I've got spinach seedlings growing in a paper egg carton. So far, so good! It has gotten pretty wet but hasn't molded yet. It might have something to do with the fact that it's in the basement where it's always 65 degrees... Not really good conditions for mold, unlike our warm kitchen.

This is a picture of my garden at its peak! It was overflowing! It wasn't a perfect year though. We had tomato horn worms like crazy and we also had a ton of squash vine boars that practically devistated our squash. But our cucumbers we plentiful and our tomatoes we awesome! We made so much salsa, marinara and spaghetti sauce! We also had jalipenios and basil that did well.  We had a bell pepper plant that got crowded out by the tomatos and squash and died. We had carrots that still haven't grown. They have been out there since the middle of June and they are still so incredibly small. I don't know what to do about them but leave them to grow through the winter. We also had a strawberry plant that kept getting eaten alive by earwigs. I learned that I really hate earwigs! I also learned that you can trap them with olive oil. Next spring I will be prepared!

Right now I'm planting broccoli and spinach. I have lettuce to plant this week and I planted some kitchen discards. We had green onions that we're going bad so I snipped off the ends and planted them like bulbs. We also had some garlic that was going bad so I broke them off and buried them too. I figure that it was going to the compost anyways, I had better at least give it a try. I mean, what's the harm? If they grow then it will be worth the two minuets effort and if they don't grow then who cares! It only took me like two minuets!

I will try to keep you informed about my adventures in gardening! Until next time!